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Just over a decade ago everyone was upgrading their monitor from CRT to LCD, it wasn’t really an option for some professional gamers but was certainly something that looked good in your office, bedroom or games room. These flat screen monitors looked the part, provided a great picture and only had very few downsides vs. the traditional CRT monitor.

Over the last few years however monitors have gone from being something that’s a necessity to something you want to upgrade just like any other piece of hardware in your gaming PC and this desire is only growing. This is partly due to the jumps in resolution over the last few years but also the improvements in panel technologies, refresh rates and response times.

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Gaming is still a growing market and already worth billions of dollars annually and it’s only logical that monitor/panel manufactures want to get in on this.

Over the last couple of years we’ve started to see monitors specifically geared towards gamers featuring much faster response times, faster refresh rates and overall better quality displays. We’ve seen new connectivity and standards being developed allowing for higher resolutions (1440p and 4K) and smoother display features like adaptive Sync technologies (FreeSync and G-Sync), features that really focus on the providing gamers with a better gaming experience. Technology is constantly evolving and with this come innovations and developments improve gaming monitors.