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Gaming Monitors

Gaming Monitors - Not just for gaming.

Although the focus of a gaming monitor is for the purpose of ‘gaming’, that is not all that they're good for.

The advanced technologies in some monitors can provide you with a crisper image. Generalising this, the right monitor choice can get much better picture quality. This can make them great for things like watching films, video and image editing & graphic design etc.

True, if your monitor is purely used for gaming or your budget is quite tight then TN may be the right option for you, but there's certainly a place for IPS monitors in gaming and an IPS panel can improve upon other aspects of your computer use too.

Should I Buy an IPS gaming monitor?

IPS panels really boast greater colour reproduction than TN panels and with the increased response times attributed with IPS monitors it is becoming less of an issue as the technology improves. IPS gaming monitors can be a great choice if lower response times is not your main goal of your gaming monitor.

Input lag is more or less unnoticeable in most newer models and although this and response times are going to have an impact on the performance, with the better colour reproduction and picture quality of IPS will help to make your games look stunning. Picture Quality may be the focus of your work life or hobby and you will find that the improvements an IPS panel monitor can offer to gaming makes IPS gaming monitors perfect for graphics design or watching films on.

Realistically our bottom line is: Is your gaming monitor used solely for high performance gaming? or do you need the fastest response times, highest refresh rates or if budget is a major a concern? If, so then a TN monitor may be right for you, otherwise the improved picture quality IPS offers makes IPS the clear choice.