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Gaming monitors for Xbox, PS4 & other consoles.

The technologies monitors offer have many advantages over your TV at home.

Gaming is a huge market, PC gaming may not be as big as console gaming, but it's still a big and growing industry. Better response times and colour reproduction can offer a much better visual experience and help reduce common things like input lag. HDMI, the connection type found on all recent consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is very common on monitors and provides a quick and easy way to allow console gamers access to a better gaming experience.

As a console gamer you may not need a gaming monitor that offers the latest and greatest features since they have limitations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the improvements a gaming monitor can offer. Right now you should only need a 60 Hz monitor since these consoles rarely output game frames at 60fps (often lower than this). Currently these consoles only display at a maximum of 1080p and utilise HDMI. That said it doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to a 60 Hz 1080p monitor, you never know what the next consoles may bring, the PlayStation 5 and the Next Generation Xbox (Xbox Two?) could run at 4k or even achieve 120 fps.

Gaming monitors can offer input lag reductions and an all-round better experience.

One of the biggest improvements you’ll notice on a gaming monitor over a TV is the reductions in input lag. Input lag is the delay in the console sending data to display (a frame) and it actually being displayed on screen. There are several reasons for input lag but one of the most common ones is the result of a “trick” TVs often take advantage of to make motion appear much smoother. You may notice when you bought your TV that boasted a whopping 300 Hz, that’s very impressive, but what the manufacturer would rarely tell you is that it is probably not true 300 Hz, within those 300 frames per second that it’s able to show only 60 unique frames (assuming the TV is true 60 Hz), for every unique frame there are an additional 4 frames that are duplicates of that unique one or black frame insertion (a back lighting trick). These can be great for TV and films as it can reduce blur and ghosting however it does not necessarily translate well for gaming. Input lag may only be measured in milliseconds, but it can be very noticeable when playing a game, especially sports titles and First Person Shooter (FPS) games. With a gaming monitor games can feel and look more responsive. The console gaming experience can be vastly improved with a gaming monitor.