Desync and screen tearing

Gaming Monitors

How does Desync and screen tearing affect game play?

Since monitors update frames vertically there is possibility for a desynchronised update from your video card and what’s being displayed on your monitor, this sync issue results in some parts of a frame showing newer content than other parts on a displayed frame on screen, this is referred to as screen tearing and looks like part of what’s being displayed is misaligned with the rest of the frame.

This is caused by graphics cards sending frames to the monitor out of synchronisation with the refresh rate and can be a bigger problem as graphics cards get better and your machines FPS increases. An established technology to tackle this is called V-Sync and is designed to ensure the FPS of your game is not exceeding the refresh rate of your monitor. This software based approach aims to keep the refresh of a frame on screen inline and in sync with the redrawing of a frame in game - it generally limits the frames per second of your game and isn't necessarily the best approach for fixing this issue and can be undesirable for higher end gaming machines and gaming monitors.