Gaming Monitor Panel Types

Gaming Monitors

There are few key panel types available fort gaming monitors, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

Although panel technology is always expanding and improving we've covered the main ones below to help you make your decision when choosing your gaming monitor:


This is by far the most common panel type you'll find, it's established and has been in use longer than the other technologies described in this section. One of the reasons for this (and maybe because of this) they're cheaper to manufacture and can result in a cheaper range of gaming monitors. These panels have lower (faster) response times making them ideal for gaming, they can come in various configurations and commonly come LED-backlit providing a high level of brightness whilst retaining lower power consumption.


The main advantage of IPS is its ability to produce better colours and provide much better viewing angles. The downside of these panels was that they used to have slower response times and were more difficult and expensive to manufacture, both of these disadvantages are improving and this technology is becoming more common in monitors. Recent advancements in this field have resulted in S-IPS, a newer panel type that aims to reduce the response times that are apparent in IPS.


VA is the industries attempt to combine the advantages from TN and IPS panel technologies, they improve viewing angles and colour performance, and realistically it's a middle ground between TN and IPS, but it's still fairly new.