PC Gaming Monitors

Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors utilise the full performance of your PC

Monitors designed for gaming can improve your gaming experience.

Gaming monitors offer a better gaming experience for gamers and allow them to utilise the full performance of their PC. Normal PC monitors are certainly good enough to offer a good gaming experience for PC games, but monitors designed specifically for gaming can vastly improve this. With higher frame rates, improved colour reproduction and generally improved performance gaming monitors are becoming a more desirable item.

Maintaining a stable frame rate in PC gaming is always desirable but being limited to being able to display 60 frames per second is an unfortunate limit.

A 144hz monitor allow you to push this up to 144 frames per second, producing a truer smoother picture and an overall better gaming experience. People raved about HD when it came out for TVs, and still do, but higher resolutions have been around for a long time in PC gaming. Why limit yourself to 1080p when 4K is achievable and reasonably well established in PC gaming.