Why upgrade?

Gaming Monitors

Is it time to upgrade?

You may simply want the latest and greatest gaming monitor and the best gaming experience you can achieve. However this certainly isn’t the case for everyone and there may be a couple of questions you should be asking yourself about your current monitor if you’re um-ing and ah-ing about upgrading  

What monitor do you current have?

  • Is it old?
  • Is it inefficient?
  • Does it do enough for my gaming experience?
  • Is it missing technologies you’d like to take advantage of?
  • Is it low resolution?
  • Do you even have one? Maybe you’re using a TV?

These and many other factors may give you reasons to consider upgrading.

What should I look for?

What technologies are currently available?

Maybe there’s something new that’s come out that you’d like to add to your gaming experience, or maybe there’s something you need a new monitor to do. With the ever improving list of features gaming monitors can offer it’s always worth considering what’s right for you.

The current desired technologies are higher resolutions (like 4k and 1440p), faster refresh rates (like 144hz) and Adaptive Sync (like FreeSync and G-Sync) a newer monitor can vastly improve your gaming experience even if your monitor is not particularly old.

What new technology is expected?

Since technology is constantly evolving and improving it’s always worth considering if there’s something you’d like coming out just around the corner. It’s fairly common for there to be something new and exciting being developed that’s going to be available in the coming months and finding the right time to upgrade is key.

We’re currently seeing the adoption of FreeSync and G-Sync in monitors and we’re seeing the availability of better refresh rates and higher resolutions becoming more common. Right now It’s quite hard to simultaneously utilise all the features currently available on gaming monitors (144hz, 4k and adaptive sync) since they may require high end gaming PCs to do so, coupled with the newer developments being released currently it’s easy to consider now to be a great time to consider buying a new monitor.